In Conversation with the Co-Founder of Valuationary

Behind the scenes of an ed-tech platform upskilling the Indian youth and making them job-ready!

A math teacher, an investment banker, and now, a startup founder, Pratik’s story has been exciting! He has been financially independent since the age of 18 and takes extreme pride in saying that he is not dependent on anyone for taking risks.

What’s interesting is that he is a CA and a CFA who is building a combo of ed-tech and HR-tech which has changed the lives of 6,000+ people till date. How did he come down this path?

Well, hear it all from Pratik himself!

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What is Pratik solving?

“A decent degree = A good Job”

Isn’t this what we grew up listening to? But is a good degree even relevant in the real world? 

Ask someone who has joined the workforce in the past couple of years and they will tell you how much the traditional education is really (not) helping them ace their job. As per a World Economic Forum report, 65% of the children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don’t even exist! 

While people struggle to become employable, companies suffer to find quality employees. There is demand for jobs, but there isn’t enough good quality supply to match the demand. This is what Pratik and team set out to solve with Valuationary.

Through practical courses curated by industry experts, Valuationary aims to bridge this for the finance professionals.

Yet another ed-tech? But what’s so different about Valuationary? Doesn’t every ed-tech platform promise to be different?

Well, Valuationary isn’t just an ed-tech. It also happens to be a HR-tech platform that has partnered with companies for hiring. Instead of charging a course based fee from their learners, they take a percentage-cut from the learner’s salary.

The completion rate for a standard MOOC (massive open online course) is only 3% to 6%. People are not even completing the courses that are available for free. But for Valuationary, the completion rate is more than 80%. How did it pull off such crazy numbers?

Valuationary has been able to crack this because of its cohort-based learning model where the learners get to attend live sessions, interact with industry leaders and of course because of its ‘pay only when you get placed' incentive. 

Pratik’s life reflects his favourite quote, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” And we couldn’t agree more. What’s life if not lived to the fullest, right?

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